Iafil was founded in 1890, and boasts a Know how that enables to produce and commercialize yarns of a superior quality using only the World’s finest Cottons (ELS with extremely long fibres 40/60 mm), together with other precious fibers (flax, silk, alpaca and cotton/wool cashmere blends), with a Mark of Origin or a Trademark registered by the Company.

Choice of raw material, supervision of the complete spinning cycle, twisting, mercerization and dyeing, application of Quality Control ensure that the product complies with the requirements expressed by the customer thanks to all the necessary checks, tests and measurements. Product and process certifications guarantee attention to the protection and safety of workers, the environment and consumers.

IAFIL has achieved a balance between the industrial processes and concern for the environment, drawing attention to the natural product and the excellence of the top range yarns and emphasising the philosophy of excellence for the eco-friendly colours and industrial processes.

The company works every day for SUSTAINABILITY, TRACEABILITY, RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT of new products by anticipating market demands.

“IAFIL produces the best cotton yarns that the industry has to offer: we have been doing it for over a

century, with the same passion as the day we began.

Over and above the changes, the diversification, technological development and the innovative quality

that is essential to remain the most competitive company in the market, we are and will always be deeply involved with and specialised in cotton yarns”.

Stefano Salvaneschi, IAFIL President